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Welcome to 3DGaming's
ATI section

The largest end-user ATI website on the Internet

Welcome to the ATI section at 3DGaming, the largest end-user ATI website on the Internet! My name is Alan Dang, and I am the webmaster for this section. Please feel free to contact me at Instead of updating daily with mundane news everyday, I instead plan to report only on important news, and to offer high quality and in-depth articles. Most importantly, this section will offer high-quality technical support for your ATI product. Whenever you have any problems, be sure to check our message forum as you will undoubtedly be able to obtain some first hand answers.

These pages are set up for people who are interested in getting more information about ATI's Rage128GL/VR and 3D Rage Pro chipsets and the products that utilize these chipsets to aid in their 3D gaming and professional modelling needs.  While the focus of this section will be the new Rage128 chipset from ATI, we we will continue to support the older ATI Rage Pro, and RageII series for their entire lifetime.

The cards from ATI have historically been ignored as being slow and have had a bad reputation.  However, the 3D Xpression+PC2TV was one of the few cards capable of running 3Dfx's Wizmark 1.0 Full in 1996 and the 3D Rage Pro was the first AGP2X Implementation.  Now, ATI latest chip is the Rage128GL, with a completely new architecture and top of the line performance, a new era for ATI has come.

If you are thinking of buying a ATI 3D Rage Pro or Rage128 based card, or just want to keep up on the latest information these are the pages for you.

If you are looking for even more information on the ATI's Products, please head over to our forum and then check these other sites.

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